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NERD is a centralized full-service real-time Real Estate Property Database that helps brokers, agents, and developers succeed with the power of collaboration.
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What is NERD?

NERD is a full-service real estate database that helps real estate developers, freelancers and brokers maximize the visibility of their listings and expand their offerings.
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Give your clients a better Experience

NERD helps you provide a better experience for your clients by creating more offers to close a deal.
Benefits toward your buyers
Agents can offer options that are shared by other brokerages to their buyers’. Increasing the chances of closing the deal.
Benefits toward your Sellers
With thousands of agents and brokers in your network, sellers know you'll bring them more offers and increase trust.

Work with other Agents in the Industry

NERD allows you to partner with agents and developers in your area, giving you a higher opportunity to close more deals and achieve higher customer satisfaction.
More Exposure
NERD gives your listings more exposure by reaching a greater number of real estate professionals through the NERD network.
More Listings
As a NERD member, you'll have the opportunity to share listings, commission from other brokers, broadening the range of options for your clients and creating more opportunities to close deals.

Real-time tools to make you Succeed

NERD puts real estate agents on the path to smart growth by centralizing property offerings, both for residential and commercial listings.
Data & Analytics
NERD real estate database gives you the latest data, analysis, average prices, and market demands, giving you invaluable market knowledge to achieve the best results.
Smart tools
NERD members are set up with our in-house CRM, giving agents & brokers real-time insight into their activity, clients, and listings portfolio.

NERD OS: the visual platform that manages everything real estate.

The NERD operating system provides real estate professionals with a comprehensive listing syndication solution, powered with data and technology to help agents get real-time results.








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