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Envision Real-time communication & Access to Egypt's entire inventory

With NERD, Egypt will see unprecedented access to real estate information and a platform that connects all the industry's stakeholders. Our powerful CRM and centralized database are quickly transforming the industry as we attract developers, brokers, and salespeople with instant status and inventory updates.  We’re focused on streamlining Egypt’s real estate market with accessible pricing and innovative real-time solutions, based on our extensive experience of the United States real estate market.
Mohamed Sayed
CEO & Founder

By centralizing information, we offer a better real estate experience to all.

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At NERD, a company founded by a United States real estate professional, we aim to bring the US collaborative experience to the MENA Region, by offering a wide range of services to improve the real estate experience for agents, brokers, developers, and ultimately, buyers, and sellers.
Value in centralization
By merging the real estate data into a single database, agents & brokers get more business, developers sell faster and clients get more offers.
We are continuously building a platform to allow all actors of the industry to address their challenges and provide the best possible solution.
Adaptation to the market
Because our business is expanding to new markets around the world, we conduct thorough research to adapt our product to meet the specific needs of each region.
Real-time market data
We centralize all properties in our network, enabling all actors, from clients to real estate professionals, to access real-time data and make better decisions.
Cohesive collaboration is key to having a stable and performant real estate industry, and we believe that NERD can be key in that process for the middle east region, and for the world.
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